PracticallyRealGaming.com was founded by ex-admin members of TacticalGamer.com. We decided that we ought to keep the aims of the TG Primer alive.

We are hosting ArmA 3 currently and have an active World Of Tanks group. Most of the TG members have split across several Discord groups but we all seem to be in each other’s as well. At PRG we support members joining up and gaming together.

The days of the bulletin board or forum seems to be a forgotten art. We had a community of players who seemed to understand that creating searchable content created the community we desired. Now, the Steam and Discord groups fracture into further niches and the long rich tradition of the TG ethos (our old site) has been erased but for the memory of those who experienced it. Regardless, all who found it a refuge also found some rough edges. That is life.

This is now. A3 is back for summer 2022. No multi-tier administration structure. Be cool – and all is cool. That is the new rule. “Don’t game the game” is still a rule (which is the simple way of communicating the TG Primer). If you are curious what that means, join a game and take the teamwork and difficulty up a notch. It’s fun.

If you are experienced in the Sim Gaming then this is somewhere you can take it a little easier and game. Leaders who know that leading is not “telling” but making what you have at hand “better” is also where the fun is.

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