ArmA 3 Rules for PRG

ArmA 3 is by far the most comprehensive combined arms simulator game to date that is available to casual gamers. Here is the details on the rules of our server and an introduction to how those rules are enforced.

These rules are to ensure the upholds it’s Guiding Principles within the ArmA title. They exist to give specifics in how we will apply these principles to this game.

  1. We aim for realistic tactics, but we also do realize this is a game and we want to enjoy ourselves.
  2. We play as a team and follow our leaders. You may disagree with a leader but do not question every decision. If you would like to try the mission with a different tactic next time, volunteer for a leadership role.
  3. We don’t exploit game mechanics to accomplish a goal. We use methods and tactics that are plausible and realistic in that game setting.
  4. No intentional team killing. Intentional team killing is a permanent ban.
  5. Do not waste mission assets. Doing so can ruin the mission for other players and you will not find yourself on the welcome side. That’s a paddlin’ = ban.
  6. Follow directions of Admins or NCOs without drama or argument. Feel free to take up any questions or concerns with the admin in a private chat via Discord but not in game.

Game Admin Team – Our Game Officer for ArmA 3 is Woesterudolf (Rudolf) and he may have a team of Admins and/or NCOs to help support players and our rules. NCO means Non-Commissioned Officer and we mean it as someone who plays in game but is not really involved outside of the game like an Administrator could be. You can find them in Discord and they are listed separately.

Communication – is handled in Discord as an “admin net” and in-game using in-game VON.

Bans – All bans are permanent and can be appealed directly with the admin who administered the ban. To be un-banned you must communicate what rule was broken, that you understand the rules and will endeavour to uphold those rules in the future.

Admin Concerns – If you feel you were treated unfairly then contact the Game Officer. If you have concerns after that, then contact site admins – Unkl, but be advised, any concerns brought to site will be dealt with quickly and finally.

ArmA 3 has a long history here and any players who appreciate our Guiding Principles and who follow these rules are welcome to join us. We welcome new and veteran players.