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Been playing the great mission by BillyEatsWorld (I might stand corrected) but it's a great mission that really creates great combined arms possibilities and balances teamwork and role specific restrictions. We have played this quite a bit over the last month and yesterday I had to restart the server for the first time I think in 4 or 5 weeks. This is unheard of in a persistent mission!

Unfortunately with the current host I can not implement the built in multi-player saving because we do have a fully functioning database connected to our instance...but the mission depends on having a file writing mod enable to save it to a pseudo "database" which I fully understand why the hosting service is not keen on allowing. However....

I did jump on tonight when I had only a short time to play and Badstache and Beda were on tackling a mission where they had an enemy APC (Mora), a Main Battle Tank (MBT), a Technical and a Mortar emplacement to contend with. I had 30 minutes to play and jumped in as Close Air Support (CAS) in a Wipeout (or A-10).

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