DCS World – Rules at PRG

Digital Combat Simulator, or DCS World is primarily a combat flight simulator but it also can simulate combined arms depending on the modules owned by the players online.

At PracticallyRealGaming.com we value teamwork and play cooperatively against AI opponents. In order to have teamwork we require communication and coordination at all airfields.

Here is the point form rules:

  • All players will show respect for all other players
  • Server is PVE only
  • Do not engage friendly assets (more details below)
  • Re-arm/Refuel in parking areas. Keep airfields, runways, taxi-ways, ect…clear of unnecessary traffic
  • Communicate your intentions at airfields
  • Follow directions of admins without drama or argument (take up questions or concerns in our PRG Discord with an admin)

Game Admin Team – Current admin team is lead by our Game Officer for DCS is TDoc_025. More admins will be added and you can find them listed as such within Discord when they are online.

Friendly Assets – Do not engage friendly assets. Accidental hits may be forgiven. Bombing friendly runways will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Intentional or repeated friendly hits will result in a permanent ban.

Communication – This can be via in-game text, using the in-game ATC, or the current voice option in use. At this point it is Simple Radio Simulator (SRS)(Details will be posted in Discord) or the Discord channel dcs-in-game as a back-up or admin channel.

Bans – All bans are permanent and can be appealed directly with the admin who administered the ban. To be un-banned you must communicate what rule was broken, that you understand the rules and will endeavour to uphold those rules in the future.

Admin Concerns – If you feel you were treated unfairly then contact the Game Officer. If you have concerns after that, then contact site admins – Unkl or Woesterudolf but be advised, any concerns brought to site will be dealt with quickly and finally.

We love playing DCS and any players who appreciate our Guiding Principles and who follow these rules are welcome to join us. We welcome new and veteran players.