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Title: PRG - First Full Sat Games
Post by: Unkl on February 09, 2020, 03:44:39 AM
First full Saturday of games were had on our spanking new game server. Had so much fun playing some A3 with BadBlood, BuB, PurpleEYE, yanke, Smithface, Babo, avery and Woesterudolf of course. There were more guests but these guys all stuck in for a long haul.

We pretty much played Pandora: TheInsurgency which was new to most these fellas. It was really nice to be able to play with a team that is used to working together again. That is the key to this game imho.

One of the big lessons from yesterday is the vital importance on being quick on getting your point across when you key the microphone - and the need for that communication to be relevant to the situation. Not to harp on any specific situation, but we had leaders trying to give orders or team members calling contacts that were getting stepped on. So, let's chat about relevance in coms.

Generally, if your leader is on the "radio" or anyone else is transmitting, you do not key the mic. There is only this situation when you would do that...when you or members of your fighting side are in immediate danger or you have something that MUST be communicated that is a priority. Here is how you would generally do that:
   - Announce "Break, Break. - Danger Close Right Side"

The radio protocol "Break" means that you intend to break the current transmission for a priority message. This let's everyone know to clear the air and listen. The key words "Danger Close" mean that you have enemy within 50m. At this point, the indication "Right Side" is near meaningless because it could cause confusion.

Why confusion? Well what if I'm a team member who is actually 100m away from your position. I have to sort out where you are relative to me, where your contact is relative to both you and me, then decide on an action (like if I can fire that way because you won't be in my cross fire). By then, the distance of 50m could be irrelevant due to both you or your contact's own movements.

So actually, "Danger Close" is usually better and then allows everyone to use their ears faster.

Yep, constant radio traffic means you trade intel sharing for situational awareness. Be sure what you communicating is relevant.

Constant radio traffic gets trying to listen to. When you have 8 people on one channel it is one thing. Imagine when you have 20 people in a channel. If you are going to have something to say you should be sure it meets a threshold of relevance to 20 grown ups. Would you say that thing if you were in a room of 20 people? Hey, we are playing a game and it's a bit more relaxed than that, but hopefully it makes sense to consider what you say and why you want to say it. It's just considerate of everyone's ears.

Anyway, this subject will continue to come up as we have new players trying out A3, many of whom may have been playing single player and wander into our server for their first MP experience. So, figured it deserved some flushing out here in our new home.

Fun games and looking forward to some more today!
Title: Re: PRG - First Full Sat Games
Post by: Unkl on March 01, 2020, 02:53:10 AM
Hey, games have been going each weekend but you won't find our current players on Discord or TeamSpeak. They are using in-game VON and so far the new NCO's have not been using any other method to talk to players.
Title: Re: PRG - First Full Sat Games
Post by: woesterudolf on March 02, 2020, 06:38:24 AM
Yesterday we had 17 unique players on the server. With a maximum of 9 concurrent players. We are filling up dynamic recons op quickly. Wich (larger)missions do you want to play with our growing player base?