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Title: Membership and Supporters
Post by: Unkl on February 03, 2020, 05:30:25 AM
 TG tags are welcome and are subject to the rules as stated within TG.  PRG rules regarding wearing in-game tags will be the same.

Anyone who agrees to uphold the ideas of our Guiding Principles are welcome to wear the |PRG| tags and must conduct themselves accordingly as representing this group in all actions.

Anyone who can not maintain this would not be able to continue to wear these tags, but there are many places out that will cater to what such players may be looking for.


For right now we are working on a model. The site domain, hosting and responsibility is owned by Unkl in the spirit of continuing our previous community. Contributions have been acquired from some key members which so far only $540 Canadian has been spent on game server, domain hosting and replacing a license for server software required for hosted games.

More info will be coming shortly as for now it would be pre-mature to collect funds before having a clear process that will work going forward. Stay tuned - and thank you to many who have indicated a willingness to contribute immediately. 
Title: Re: Membership and Supporters
Post by: Unkl on February 05, 2020, 05:31:09 PM
Copied from my post in Discord...

"Firstly, we know that game communities that organize around a style of gameplay such is we have done comes with inherent limitations. We won't be striving to be the most popular group out there and there are many ways to play games.

Within any game there will always be a current that would drive towards opening up some rules to attract a larger player base. This increases the funds for more toys. Growing is great! However growing away from the Guiding Principles is sort of a natural pressure each game is continually under as players will come and go.

To this point, the structure of this will be like before. Game Officers will be responsible to set the rules and settings of their games to best meet the aims of the Guiding Principles. If something goes astray, then Site Admin will need to contact that GO.

Player issues will occur and we want to avoid adding to or fueling drama. This means that again, an oversight on how things are handled is required.

Contributing members will not have extra perks or a vote - but of course everyone benefits from sharing perspectives and suggestions. So there is no council or committee but there is a chain of command that has the aims to:
  - serve and ensure the Guiding Principles are upheld
  - ensure that maturity and respect is shown to all throughout
  - that we manage the resources and bucks needed for that to serve those aims only (there is zero profit motive)

I will add more as this goes...wish we had a forum instead of Discord for this discussion."

So, looks like we got the forum sorted ;)
Title: Re: Membership and Supporters
Post by: Unkl on July 17, 2020, 04:52:32 AM
Supporting Memberships were turned on for a few months but I did not make any announcement about it. I wasn't happy with the payment gateway and so I have now shut this back down. I have received support from a number of core members and Thank You to those of you who are still marked as Supporting Members in your accounts. Those persons still have a balance that will take months to have run out.

However, there is an unfortunate reality to these forums. There is a constant attack from some jerks with not enough to do apparently but spam our site. This has contributed to making these forums a pain to use for our members as I implement ever more anti-spam controls. Maybe this is the intent of their actions or they really believe that all gamers must have a burning need for ED products.

The future of this forum is basically in question in my mind at this point and we are considering which avenues of communication would be best suited and effective for our players.