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I was playing squad before. But the game is not developing in a good direction any more at the moment. They are going in the direction of small scale competitive shooter. So at the moment I'm not playing that.

The only thing I'm playing now is Mount and Blade Bannerlord. If anyone is interested in playing this together you are welcome to let me know by email also or steam friends. As I am very much a war history aficionado.  I think it is the best approximation of medieval combat ever made (not counting RTS). It is an interesting game in view of the modding possibilities that there are.

Shield wall! Advance!


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« on: May 02, 2020, 03:06:41 PM »
Hi Unkle and others. I'm glad to see this, thank you. I am still quite sad TG is gone. And as I was playing squad, I checked at least one of the splinter groups. But for me I cannot feel at home in a community that doesn't have an inspiration similar to the TG primer.

So I am glad to see some that also feel that way. I love playing with a group. But since discovering TG a loooong time ago I can't go back to playing with groups that are just clans.

Hopefully we can create something similar perhaps updated for the era of social media.

I see numbers aren't high right now. I too just got sent here trying to see if the forums were still up. I wish I had saved certain posts and contacts :/. I'll be checking in now and then, and hopefully some people will play the games I'm interested in. At the moment this is mostly Mount and Blade BAnnerlord.

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