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PRG Rules for Insurgency Sandstorm
« on: February 04, 2020, 04:00:10 PM »
These rules are to ensure that Practically Real Gaming upholds it’s Guiding Principles within the Insurgency Sandstorm title. They exist to give specifics in how we will apply these principles to this game. This also is written for Cooperative play against bots which we may at any time host Team vs Team games which will require additional rules if TvT becomes popular.

1. No Rushing - There is an engineered control in that currently each objective is set for 30 min to be completed. The capture rate is set to require being in the capture zone for a very long time until 4 minutes into the round at which time the capture rate will go to normal. Players are expected to work together and ensure the team is prepared to breach and capture. Rushing players throw the team into disarray and ensure many are left unprepared for counter-attack.

2. Follow Leadership - Teamwork requires a leader to coordinate actions. The commander slot does not always = the in-game leader. Admins may assign leadership to any player. If you have a leader in training (newb leader), players are still expected to follow up until the point that admin makes a change in leadership. Sometimes we will relearn lessons from mistakes made by new leadership and sometimes we may be surprised.

3. Avoid Stepping On Objective - In ISS, when you enter a capture zone you get an on-screen indication of the enemy strength still on the objective. This is something we would turn off if we could. PRG players would avoid the use of this as a way of gaining intel. It is enough to just ignore this game mechanic and approach the objective as if this intel did not exist. Players who are seen using “stepping on” as a means for intel should be informed as to this rule if they become regulars.

Insurgency Sandstorm can be played with great teamwork. Players who rush ahead of the team will soon find themselves removed from the server if they do not heed the warnings. The idea is that the team will converge on an objective in a coordinated manner usually decided by a leader.

In-game commander does not equate to being the leader. Admins may assign leadership to any player that can lead the server well. Players should follow that leader for good or for bad. A leader who is struggling and tanking the server may be asked to take a break before the server population can dump. But, generally that is avoided.

We will add to this so it's up for discussion and suggestions.
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