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Domination settings
« on: April 13, 2020, 04:56:09 AM »
I tought I would share some of my favourite domination settings. First I will highlight some setting and then below are the screenshots of all my settings.

Respawn Main Target AI: I prefer to have this off. With low player counts or persistent play in mind you can actually chip away the enemy at main target. With larger player numbers you might be able to set up a blocking force to stop the reinforcements.
Main Targets: I like to limit the number of main targets so the mission can be finished within one or two days.
Mortar bag and cluster missions: I like to turn these both on so the mission commander can decide what is needed and give the players some extra options.
Launcer Cooldown time: Turning this option off makes you able to shoot the titan normally if you turn it on you will wait a certain amount of time before you can fire from the titan again.
MT tower satchels only: If you turn this option off you can use all explosives to destroy a radio tower including bombs, artillery, or cannons. This can be useful with lower player counts.
Kick players shooting at base: I prefer to turn this number up to 20 or 30 rounds so if you fire at an enemy on base or by mistake you don't get kicked straight away.