Author Topic: Please welcome TDoc to his new office - Game Officer for DCS!  (Read 1564 times)


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Those of you who have been playing Digital Combat Simulator on our server will most certainly know TDoc_025. He has been assisting since the beginning of in keeping our server up to date and since the beginning of DCS, has been an amazing presence in game.

We would like to thank you TDoc for stepping up to run the team around DCS and for all your efforts in missions, server set-up and being a great ambassador for our community in game.

Your new coffee maker is in the mail and your new guidebook, "How To Virtually Run A Team Of Players And Pay For The Privilege - Made Easy". Let me know when you run out of cream and sugar!

Thanks a million Doc!


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Re: Please welcome TDoc to his new office - Game Officer for DCS!
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2020, 02:11:29 PM »
Thanks Unkl, I appreciate the kind words and welcome the opportunity!

Hey All,
For those who don't know me, my gaming history has typically been with military style FPS & Nascar Racing Sims.  DCS is a new passion for me since finding it in March at which time I hung up my M4A1 and jumped in my first P-51 and the hook was set!  I have since added the Hornet and Huey to my list of favorites and look forward to some challenging and engaging Coop. 

My In-Game Priorities:
1.  Coms! - Encourage all players to get on voice coms before getting in the air.
2.  Teamwork - This is not single player with an audience, team up, work together, coordinate actions & targets.
I am open to feedback and suggestions so feel free to share what you like / don't like about the missions we have loaded, gameplay, etc as we build this thing together!
I look forward to riding in your wake!  That is still super cool for me! :)