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Forum Standards
« on: June 22, 2020, 06:28:34 AM »
Any users who use the forums to advertise sites, businesses or anything that is not a "discussion" regarding gaming related items that are within the realm of legitimate member discussion will be banned immediately.

This site is for members of PracticallyRealGaming to discuss issues related to our games and organize ourselves.

No promotion of outside entities is permitted unless cleared by administrators of PRG or that is clearly related to games that we support or would like to.

This will also extend to any activities that appear to recruit players to other communities/clans or events unless supported by PRG Admins and will include activities on Discord, TeamSpeak, any PRG Steam Groups and in-game on our servers.

All of our members will also apply these standards to their activities to other other sites related to doing the same. PRG respects gaming communities and groups by not conducting recruiting efforts on other forums unless where clearly are intended for that purpose.

No outside personal or business promotion will be tolerated on our communications channels. This should go without saying, but apparently some don't share that decency on the internet.