PRG and renewed interest from TG’rs

In the PRG Discord channels and through DM’s we have been getting the impression that folks are landing at the website as they yearn nostalgic for the friends and camaraderie we all experienced at our old home,

I think all of us who found a kinship with players willing to turn the difficulty up and try to play our games with a sense of reality in player behaviours, really do miss those days. When the TG forums went down we lost a really massively great resource that had been built by the efforts of thousands of players over the years. A resource of content that helped create not only a way of playing these games, but many spin-off groups doing their own flavour based off that model.

There have been disrupting platforms to the model that was established with the formation of this community especially over the last 10 years. There are no end of platforms trying to be the hub of gamers now days that stem from changes to social platforms, the development of Steam Groups, Discord, this list could go on and on…and the rise of massive multiplayer games where the servers are controlled by the game company themselves just as a short list.

And yet, out of 3 years post TG Forums shutting down, there is a growing understanding that goes somewhat along the lines of the old adage, “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.”

We are going to start to rebuild that kind of permanent content here again. It’s very very early stages as this forum has just been created. I’m sure as content comes in we will be frantically finding a way to organize it. What a great problem to take on again.

I hope this is the last time I will need to say this too. 3 years ago is a world away now. For those who have indicated you would like to participate and have the TG history, let’s move this needle forward. For those who have just joined and like the sound of the Guiding Principles, let’s have you help us do the same.

Let’s relax and enjoy this kind of space again. Welcome and we all look forward to the future. We have a few surprises in store. Stay tuned!